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Quinny Moodd stroller (2012)

October 14th, 2011

    For 2012, Quinny puts the “buzz” back into its line with the eye-popping, cool beyond words all-new Quinny Moodd premium baby stroller. It looks very similar to the Quinny Buzz 3, but has a number of enhancements:

    • The 2012 Quinny Moodd has more streamlined styling.
    • The Quinny Moodd has a one-handed recline.
    • The Moodd stroller has a single movement folding mechanism from the back of the stroller.
    • The Moodd has an improved lantern canopy with SPF 50 sun protection.
    If this is your dream stroller, we recommend the Quinny Moodd stroller from, which includes free shipping and no sales tax, great customer service and they’re an authorized dealer for this stroller!

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Quinny Zapp Xtra stroller (2012)

September 26th, 2011

    The Quinny Zapp Xtra was introduced as a new model in 2011, and it receives a few new colors for the 2012 model year. A new color, Blue Scratch, is pictured below.

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Quinny Zapp Xtra stroller (2011)

October 14th, 2010
    Quinny Zapp Xtra

    Scheduled for release in the US in March 2011, the new Quinny Zapp Xtra combines many of the most desired features in a stroller, along with one of the smallest folding stroller frames available!

    Quinny Zapp Xtra
    Quinny Zapp Xtra

    The Quinny Zapp Xtra is based on the Quinny Zapp frame, but with slight modifications to allow for a reclining, reversing stroller seat. Other features on the 2011 Zapp Xtra stroller include:

    • Deep recline in forward and reverse facing seat. Seat clicks on/off for easy switching.
    • Generous sun canopy
    • Small folding frame (must remove seat to fold)
    • Quick, light handling
    • Includes infant seat adapter for Maxi Cosi Mico seat
    • Optional carry bag makes it easy to transport
    • Total weight (with seat) is 19 pounds

    The 2011 Quinny Zapp Xtra is offered in Brown, Black, Red, Pink.

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Quinny Buzz 3 stroller (2011)

October 13th, 2010
    Quinny Buzz 3

    The 2011 Quinny Buzz 3 stroller has a few enhancements that parents should appreciate:

    • Larger overall seat that is more comfortable for growing children, but still suitable for infants.
    • 40% larger underseat basket
    • Quick-click folding lock strap to prevent accidental openings
    • In addition to the included infant seat adapter for Maxi Cosi Mico, there’s an optional infant seat adapter to work with Safety 1st Air Protect infant seats

    The Quinny Buzz 3 stroller (2011) is offered in a rich brown, black, red, electric blue, and limited edition pink/magenta combination.

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Quinny Buzz stroller (2010)

October 12th, 2009

    Quinny BuzzFor 2010, the Quinny Buzz stroller has a few color and packaging changes:

    • The Quinny Buzz 4 is no longer available as a package.  Instead, the 2010 Quinny Buzz is only sold as a 3-wheel model, with the 4-wheel configuration (double front wheels) sold as a separate accessory.
    • The 2010 Quinny Buzz is no longer sold as a “complete” package.  Instead, the price will drop by $130, and many of the previously included accessories (e.g., rain cover, sun screen, XL seat, etc) will be available as a separate purchase.

    2010 colors for the Buzz will be a bamboo green, chocomint, racoon, and graystone.

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Quinny Senzz stroller (2010)

October 11th, 2009

    Quinny SenzzWith a planned release for June 2010, the all-new Quinny Senzz is a modern, innovative stroller that will appeal to city-dwellers.

    Some of its standout features include:

    • Deep reclining, padded seat
    • Compatible with the Maxi Cosi Mico infant seat
    • Four wheels
    • One-handed folding
    • Compact fold
    • Carrying strap
    • Wrap-around push handle for easier maneuvering
    • Lightweight frame and seat

    The fabric on the Quinny Senzz is gray with available accent colors in yellow, orange, red, and blue. 

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