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Phil and Teds

Phil & Teds Navigator stroller (2012)

June 18th, 2012

    Phil and Teds Navigator
    New for mid 2012, the Phil & Teds Navigator replaces the popular Explorer stroller, with a few great enhancements!

    Navigator stroller features and enhancements:

    • Slightly shorter wheelbase for better handling
    • 12″ pneumatic tires for smooth push on pavement and all-terrain capability
    • Start as a single, then a double for one newborn + toddler or for two toddlers
    • Optional face-to-face rear facing seat when used as a single
    • One handed easy reclining doubles kit
    • One handed easy fold
    • Most vibrant colors to date! Colorful canopy matches seat liner for quite the splash of style!
    • Follow-the-sun pivoting hood on main seat
    • Height adjustment handle
    • NEW harness feeding system eliminates free-hanging straps

    The 2012 Phil & Teds Navigator stroller debuts around August 2012 and will retail for around $499.

Phil & Teds Dot stroller (2012)

April 20th, 2012

    The new Phil & Teds Dot stroller offers a compact single-to-double convertible stroller with a great, easy push. The 2012 Dot stroller is slightly smaller than the popular Phil & Teds Explorer stroller. The Phil and Teds Dot should be among the lightest in-line double strollers available.

    Features for the Phil & Teds Dot stroller include:

    • Optional reclining doubles kit for rear rider
    • 10″ air-filled tires and suspension for easy pushing and a smoother ride
    • Adjustable handlebar

    The Dot debuts in summer 2012 with a charcoal exterior fabric and colorful interior padding.

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January 3rd, 2012

Phil & Teds Promenade stroller (2012)

September 23rd, 2011

    The 2012 Phil & Teds Promenade stroller is the company’s most far-reaching effort to date on a premium, innovative stroller for parents wanting a premium product! The Promenade is an urban stroller with reversible main seat when using with one child, and one or two convertible bed seats.

    It starts as a single-seat stroller with forward or reverse facing seat. Front-wheel suspension and larger wheels makes for a smooth right and easy steering. The Promenade stroller has a unique seat that converts into a cozy bassinet and back into a seat, with no additional items.

    Other features of the Phil & Teds Promenade stroller:

    • Reclining optional doubles kit also converts into bassinet — carry two bassinets at once for twins!
    • Telescoping handlebar for parent’s comfort
    • Triple position recline on main seat and doubles kit
    • Use doubles kit with infant seat adapter
    • Two newborns in bassinets

    The Phil & Teds Promenade should be out in early 2012 and retail for around $850 for the stroller with main seat.

Phil and Teds Vibe2 stroller (2011)

October 21st, 2010

    For 2011, Phil and Teds did some great upgrades to the Vibe stroller, and are now introducing the improved stroller as the Phil&Teds Vibe 2 stroller. The premium stroller of Phil and Teds is even better!

    For 2011, the Phil and Teds Vibe 2 includes these enhancements:

    • Redesigned front wheel mount and position for better steering
    • Enhanced seat for better comfort and support
    • One-handed main seat recline
    • Quick-adjust seat harness
    • New ergonomic handle with recessed brake button
    • New flip-out visor on the follow-the-sun sun canopy that can rotate into the direction of the sun
    • New sun canopy is included with the rear seat doubles kit

    The Phil and Teds Vibe 2 is still available in Black/Red or Black/Black.

Phil & Teds Verve stroller (2011)

October 14th, 2010
    Phil and Teds Verve

    An all-new model for 2011, the 2011 Phil and Teds Verve stroller takes the best of many Phil & Teds models, along with introducing new features!

    Phil and Teds Verve

    The Verve stroller is a 4-wheel model for greater stability. It’s closest in nature to the Phil & Teds Vibe 2 stroller, but the 2011 Verve stroller has features all its own:

    • Overall size is slightly more compact than the Phil and Teds Vibe 2
    • Reclining second seat doubles kit for the rear passenger
    • Folds with doubles kit attached!
    • Front wheel suspension for smoother ride
    • Use with infant seat adapter + doubles kit also attached

    The Phil and Teds Verve debuts at $699 retail price.

Britax B-Ready vs Phil and Teds Explorer

August 3rd, 2010

    Phil & Teds Explorer
    Britax B-Ready
    Britax B-Ready
    As a single stroller
    The Phil and Teds Explorer offers better maneuverability and ease of push over all types of terrain – both smooth and uneven. The Explorer a few pounds lighter than the B-Ready as a single-seat stroller. The seat can only face forward. The main seat is nice and generous, and it can face forward or reverse Overall maneuverability is quite better than average. Approx 27 pounds weight is a tad heavy for a single.
    Configurations as a double stroller
    Only one infant seat mount, which can be used with lower seat attached

    Use only one bassinet without lower seat attached

    Lower seat can only face forward, up to 35 pounds weight in it

    Best suited families with an infant and a toddler

    Use one or two infant seats

    With one infant seat in lower position, main seat can only face forward.

    Use only one bassinet with or without lower seat attached (cannot use two bassinets, cannot use bassinet plus infant seat)

    Lower seat can only face forward, has deep recline, up to 35 pounds weight in it

    Main seat can face forward or reverse. With lower seat attached, main seat can only face reverse with young baby in it. Older babies/toddlers must face forward in both seats when used as a double, and both seats recline when in forward position.

    Maneuvering as a double stroller
    The Phil and Teds Explorer has a bit easier push and steering when used as a double, compared to the B-Ready. The lower seat may interfere with the natural stride of taller parents.

    Stroller weight with Doubles Kit seat attached is about 29 pounds.

    The B-Ready has easier steering than the average tandem stroller (front/back seating), but the lower seat may interfere with the natural stride of taller parents.

    Stroller weight with two seats is about 34 pounds.

    Average storage room as a single. With the Doubles Kit attached, the rear child’s legs go into the storage basket, reducing overall storage capacity somewhat. Plenty of storage room as a single. With the lower seat installed, the lower child’s legs go into the storage basket, reducing overall storage capacity somewhat.
    Manufacturer’s warranty
    Phil and Teds offers 1-year product warranty. Britax offers 1-year warranty.

Phil and Teds Explorer (2010)

July 27th, 2010

    Phil and Teds ExplorerPhil and Teds is best known for its all-terrain three wheel strollers that convert into a double by adding a rear seat. It’s discontinuing the ever-popular Sport Buggy, which is being replaced by the Phil and Teds Explorer in late summer 2010.

    The Explorer offers all the same great things found on the Sport Buggy, but with many improvements!

    The 2010 Phil and Teds Explorer stroller has these enhancements:

    • One-handed fold
    • Larger sun canopy on main seat that can pivot forward when walking into the sun
    • Easier foot pedal brake system
    • New compatibility letting you use the infant seat adapter AND the doubles kit rear seat at the same time, for newborn + toddler
    • Improved seat comfort and ease of use with greater seatback ventilation, easier harness adjustment, infinite recline position, one-handed recline adjustment
    • New sun canopy comes on the rear seat doubles kit for better protection

    The Phil and Ted’s Explorer stroller is offered in solid Apple (green), solid black, black/apple, black/red, and black/navy.

Phil&Teds Sub4

October 12th, 2009

    Phil and Teds sub4Phil and Teds designed what they call the “world’s fastest jogger” for release in mid-2010, called the Phil and Teds Sub4.

    Stand-out features include:

    • Single-hand pushing for more natural stride
    • Dual-rear disc brakes for stopping power
    • Lower center of gravity
    • Unique 3-D fold for compact fold and storage
    • Waterproof, weatherproof aerocore seat
    • Quick-mounting seat
    • Motion-control wheel hubs
    • Large rear tires for reduced rolling resistance

    Exact release date is not currently known.

Phil&Teds Smart v2 stroller (2010)

October 12th, 2009

    Phil and Teds SmartAt a September 2009 trade show, Phil and Teds showed off a second version of their innovative answer to a new type of quick errand stroller, called the Smart v2. It’s planned for released by spring 2010.

    The Smart v2 is definitely unique.  It uses a rubbery material called aerocore for its one-piece molded seat.  Dirt and spills all wipe clean quickly.  Its lightweight frame on larger wheels make for good handling too.

    Stand-out features include:

    • Infant seat compatible
    • Bassinet compatible
    • Aerocore seat included with stroller
    • Partial reclining seat
    • Rear suspension
    • Single action sliding fold
    • 13 pound total stroller weight with seat

    The Phil and Teds Smart will be available in black or red.

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